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We Are BookTrail Agency


Booktrail Agency is a publishing, marketing and book endorsement firm based in the USA with its production and fulfillment sites in Missouri and New York. Our authors are from the USA, Canada, Australia, The UK, Africa, Singapore and UAE or any places where creative ideas have no limits.

"Started off as a back-office marketing agency in 2010 then rebranded as a publishing and marketing firm in 2017. Adding a feather in its cap, being a book endorsement firm in 2020."

  • New or first-time, previously self-published and indie authors who wish to get published with 100% royalty of net proceeds and realistic retail prices of the books printed and electronic formats while retaining the copyright ownership.

  • Previously published books that need marketing support and result-driven platforms

  • Authors who need editorial and illustration services

  • Authors who want to add AUDIOBOOK formats



Whether you're looking for publishing, marketing, illustration or editorial assistance, Booktrail can help maximize your potentials. Some of our award-winning, Emmy nominated and prominent authors have appeared on New Your Times, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Reader's Favorite, local and international media outlets, etc. We will show you the way. Carve out a niche. Leave your trail. 



Marketing, Publishing, for YOU

BookTrail Agency can help you get better opportunities that amplify your chances in finding the best literary agency and agent for publishing through our thorough analytic process that will guarantee your manuscript in the best state it can be.


Our goal is to expand YOUR REACH through professional assistance from our editors and strategists. And with our array of media affiliates throughout the world, BookTrail Agency ensures you the widest options of media platforms all dedicated and optimized to promote your material and you.

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