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Compatibility and Effort

Traditional Advertising

Who says self-published authors can’t go through more traditional routes of getting publicity? While the scene is known for aspiring writers going gung-ho and getting things done by themselves, even handling their own marketing campaigns, nonetheless they don’t always have to go at it solo.


The BookTrail Agency traditional marketing program aspires to fulfill the authors' traditional publishing dreams. BookTrail’s services give authors a much needed helping hand. At the same time, the works remain entirely the authors’ and the direction of their campaigns, and everything else remains theirs. They call the shots and they retain agency over their creations and the manner in which it is marketed to their audiences. All these services do is give them partners who have the savvy and the experience to make the nitty-gritty and tedious processes go swimmingly and conveniently. With BookTrail, you can save time and effort, and they can rest assured that results will be delivered. 


Bookstore Lobbying

Every Author’s dream after publishing is to see their book in a physical store or library. BookTrail’s dedicated team will make every possible effort for you and your book. With our Independent Bookstores lobbying and pitching, our team will continuously, month to month send proposals and sample copies of your book to Independent Bookstore near you and across the country.

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literary partnership

Book Trail will guide you in every step to be successful in the traditional publishing route. From a perfect query letter, having great book reviews to selecting suitable literary agents whom we’re partnered with. We will closely monitor your book’s progress and make sure to maximize every opportunity there is for your book.

Press release


BookTrail Agency combines a press release service with our own media monitoring websites, which annually serve our clients and assisted authors. A press release created by our team, will be seen by journalists and business, industry & government professionals categorized by geography and




BookTrail’s Publicity Drive service pairs you with our in-house literary publicist, who will create a press release that will highlight your Book and present it in a captivating way to a comprehensive array of media.

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