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Enjoy full inclusions of the Advanced Publishing Package with and absolute bang of publishing and marketing inclusions. Yes! A crack of 40,000 words editing with an automatic 25% discount to any editorial services recommended, showcasing your title in front of more than 40 thousand retail and library customers through Ingram Catalog, more reviews, and more complimentary copies!




  • Worldwide availability in print on demand option via Ingram, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more!




  • US Copyright Registration

  • Library of Congress Control Number



  • Professional Marketing Consultation with your dedicated Title Executive

  • 12 months Distributor Returnability Program

  • Ingram Catalog ( New Release Catalog)

  • 90 days Social Media Publicity Campaign

  • 90 days Book Rotator

  • Press Release Web Boost

  • Author Website Set-Up

  • 2 entries Annual International Book Competition



  • One Author Copy paperback

  • One author copy hardback

  • 15 Paperback Complimentary Copies

  • 10 Hardcover Complimentary Copies

Note: Additional Editing, Marketing and Book Copies can be purchased separately.

Disclaimer: All services prices may change without prior notice. Amount paid for this publishing package does not include shipping and handling fee of complimentary copies; the cost of shipping and handling will be calculated and charged after your book is made available for sale.

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