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Not every aspiring author is a slick social media savvy millennial or zoomer. Many, particularly those from previous generations, often experience difficulty in getting a handle on platforms like Facebook. Or they are simply busy with other affairs to spend hours in front of the screen. And in the modern marketplace, online and social media marketing is a major difference maker in promoting any given product - including novels and an author's particular brand. This is why BookTrail is offering its authors a service aptly called the BookTrail Agency Publicity Campaign so that they can rest easy, assured that their publicists have got it handled. 


In the BookTrail Agency Publicity Campaign, publicists will create a Facebook page for the author and create four to five posts a week promoting the author and their work. Moreover, the publicist will also join relevant groups to help connect the author and their work to interested audiences. This is a lot of legwork that can be lost to those who aren't savvy with social media or who simply do not have the time to invest in sitting in front of the screen for hours tapping away on their keyboards or screens. 



  • Creation of your Fan Pages, neatly designed profile pictures and backgrounds. Relevant postings upon account activation/creation on Facebook.   

  • Inclusion of the author’s page on author circles, reviewers, book clubs and authors’ network

  • At least 4x posting weekly 

  • Targeting boost ads (at least 3-month-period to gain 800 followers on Facebook)·

  • Relevant postings including the book’s activities, purchase availability, news articles, reviews, blurbs and more

  • Traffic creation from your Facebook page to your Author website.

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