Social media is one of the best ways to engage directly with your audience. Facebook isn’t called the largest social platform for anything. In fact, its competences extend far beyond social networking. Yes, it’s a great place to stay in touch with your friends and former classmates, find inspiration, and receive insights on all things current – like the latest Web trends or breaking news updates. But this alone isn’t what attracts over two billion monthly active users.


On Facebook, you can practically do anything you want, like a shop in the marketplace, discover events happening in your city, seek recommendations in a group about any product, service, or interest, browse your favorite businesses, most especially the best way to promote your book.

However, with too many things on our plate, we cannot maximize this wonderful platform. With BookTrail Agency, we will set-up a social media page for you. We will create an account that is directly linked to your email and manage posts on a daily basis. We collaborate, we always want you to get involved. Our team of experts is open for any suggestions of anything you also want us to post on your social media channel.


  • Creation of Facebook Account Managed by our Social Medial Manager for 60 days

  • Creating A Facebook Ad Carousel

  • Page Boosting and Advertising

  • Daily posts about your activities and relevant information that promotes your book

  • Bi-weekly trend and analytic report

  • After the 60 days campaign should you wish to manage your page admin ownership will be transferred to you?

Did you know? According to Statics, there are approximately 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. -That’s one out of every three people on planet Earth! Whether it’s checking a breaking news update, shopping online, or catching up with an old friend, most people find it hard to function in today’s world without social media.

Considering the amount of people ‘hanging out there,’ it’s important to maximize this platform by directly engaging with millions of users.

Ready to take your book to a whole new level?

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