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Shelby Wagner

Radio Interview

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About The Book

Everyone wants to love and be loved. But what happens when the one you love dies? Or you discover he/she is only after your money?

When we are in love, life is fun and exciting. But when that love is lost, it is devastatingly painful.

Author and educator, Shelby Wagner, has experienced both situations, and in her book, "Learning to Dance in the Rain II, " she offers insights and strategies which will be beneficial to all mature singles who desire a change. Those who buy and read her book, are in for a treat and will benefit by learning the following:

How to navigate grief so they can heal and return to a life of balance and well-being. How to manage negative thoughts so they can brush-aside depression. How to improve their self-image and rebuild their self-confidence. How to assess their options and create a plan of action for a fulfilling next chapter of life. How to make quality decisions and be more decisive.

How to protect themselves and stay safe when meeting strangers. How to safely and successfully navigate senior dating, including internet dating. How to spot a scammer before losing their shirt/money or heart.


A Kirkus Review:

After the death of her husband, a woman learns to navigate grief, independence, and online dating in this memoir/self-helpbook.

   In 2000, Wagner and her husband, Bob, moved from Michigan into their "retirement dream home" in Tennessee's SmokyMountains. Only six years later, Bob was diagnosed with cancer, and after 10 years of difficult treatments, the author was a widow, alone in the house that she and her spouse had built together. 
   She moved back to Michigan to be closer to other members of her family and was faced with the prospect of reinventing her life without her beloved partner--a task that required courage, soul-searching, and getting to know herself again as an individual. As she contemplated dating in her70s, she formulated strategies that she decided she wanted to share with others her age seeking romance and intimacy. In this book, she begins by exploring what she sees as the differences in men's and women's thought patterns and then progresses to explaining the nuts and bolts of dating websites.

   As a result, the story of Wagner's second act quickly transforms into an intimate self-help resource for elders determined to survive and thrive. She peppers her warm, personal narrative with lists of useful questions and suggestions for those who may be emerging from long-term relationships and need help rediscovering themselves. It also explains a dating world that's very different from the one that Wagner's target audience navigated decades ago. She approaches her readers with understanding and empathy, offering gleanings froma variety of references. Even the shyest widow or widower is likely to be engaged by her approach to online dating, which defines email, texting, and online chat and provides exhaustive pointers for avoiding scammers. Her willingness to reveal her own experiences of being swindled by prospective "dates" is appealingly frank, as well, although it does work against the hopeful attitude she tries to cultivate elsewhere.
A lively guide for late-in-life singles. --  Kirkus Reviews

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Stressed Woman


This book is full of good advice and insights concerning grief and starting over. Most of us are sort of scared to enter the dating scene after the loss of a spouse but Shelby gives you some good insight as to how to do it and what to do to avoid the scammers who are lurking out there. You can learn a lot from her experiences with online dating. The book was interesting and a very good read.


I just finished reading your first book and it was great! A page turner that gets you thinking about life, positivity and coping when life isn’t so fun! Even if you haven’t lost a spouse I recommend this book!! Thanks Shelby Wagner! ♥️

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