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Screen Play

A screenplay serves as a guide for Actors, Directors, Producers and other Crew on what will appear on the screen. The script tells a complete story in a motion picture perspective that contains all dialogue, characters that are described visually and all action in the film so that filmmakers can capture the look, vibe, emotion and style of the story.

Have you ever considered for even a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? If yes, then the first step forward is to have screenplay version of your book. BookTrail Agency offers quality screenplay written by our seasoned scriptwriters, with a professionally adapted screenplay, you will let Hollywood know you're serious about breaking into the entertainment business.



  • Submit your book to our production team so we can select a screen writer for you.

  • Our professional screenwriter will complete a screenplay based on your book.

  • Screenplay elements will include character dialogue and detailed action of the story and will be written using industry-standard formatting.

  • The screenwriter waives all rights to your screenplay so you maintain full ownership of your story. You can even produce the film yourself using your professional script adaptation!

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