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Sandra Swain

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About The Book

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The Badger Brothers constantly bully Willie and make fun of Willie being on the track team. They call him Willie Waddles. Although the coach encourages Willie, Willie doesn't believe he can run fast, that is until Willie's mom tells him a secret. That secret is so powerful that Willie amazes everyone. He amazes himself most of all.

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Sandra Swain

Sandra Swain has a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University. She has been a public relations director of a Columbus, Ohio hospital, worked in special education, written advertising, and been on the Board of Trustees of a large community college for 15 years. She chaired the Board as well. She is now a Trustee Emeritus. Sandra has two prior books: By the Buckeye, a local school history, and Willie Wombat's Walk, where Willie discovers his must learn not to make quick assumptions. Sandra has eight grandchildren and is a realtor in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Who Are We

Other books by Sandra Swain

Willie Wombat is in early elementary school and isn't invited to a birthday party. He feels left out and like he is the only one not invited. Then he discovers, one by one, he is not the only one. All of those, who were not invited, all felt alienated and like they were the only ones not invited. So Willie discovers, quite by accident, that a strategy to deal with not being invited, is to find and make more new friends, one at a time.


What parent hasn’t experienced their adorable little cherub’s funny antics? But when they get wild and unreasonable, and maybe even destructive, there is only one thing to do...

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