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Robert Margetic

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About The Book

"A confluence of forces--from four million new retirees each year, massive government debt and unsustainable deficits, a still-broken financial system, and a global economic slowdown--power the retirement storm. Its unknown magnitude and duration will overwhelm the current retirement system.


New retirees sense the approaching storm. Seventy-five percent state that they aren't prepared to manage the twenty to thirty years they will spend in retirement. Fifty-four percent fear outliving their money.

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How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm helps readers navigate the gap between the old, broken system, and the yet-to-be-defined new system. It offers readers a new perspective on the new retirement environment and the tools to guide them to safety."

The Author

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Robert Margetic

Robert Margetic, MBA, ChFC, CLU has been advising clients for over thirty years in all aspects of retirement and financial planning. He serves as a consultant on advanced planning strategies to attorneys, accountants, and other financial advisors. He is President of Redwood Financial Advisors, Inc., a registered financial advisor, and is cofounder and President of Wealthnet, a national trust administration company.

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