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Publishing a book is easy and could never go wrong if you do it strategically. BookTrail’s publishing options provide you of a holistic approach making you at ease in the entire process of publishing. 


Most publishing companies take a substantial share of sales revenue from authors and inflate the print-on-demand costs. This forces you to increase the price of your book making it harder for you to recover the money you invested.


BookTrail gives Freedom to set your book's retail price and trim sizes according to our partner printer and distribution channels with 100% net royalties


Build a team today with BookTrail and get your book in the hands of readers!

basic publishing

Covers the vital services needed to turn your raw materials into a professionally crafted eBook and Paperback book.



Reap the benefits of getting all services included in the basic package with an added basic editing coverage of up to 15,000 words of your manuscript pairing all the effort with a 30-day social media publicity campaign from our social media publicist plus get your book cover displayed in front of our website visitors for 30 days with an added 12-month distributor returnability program to attract more brick and mortar stores.

Advance publishing

Take advantage of all services included in our standard publishing package covering up to 25,000 words of basic editing plus the availability of your book in hardcover format. Doubling the benefits of Social Media Publicity and Book Rotator. This is an ideal package for the author who is open for some professional review to build his/ her credibility pairing it with a professional author website set-up and an automatic submission of the published book to one of the biggest annual international book competitions.

Superior publishing

Enjoy full inclusions of the Advanced Publishing Package with and absolute bang of publishing and marketing inclusions. Yes! A crack of 40,000 words editing with an automatic 25% discount to any editorial services recommended, showcasing your title in front of more than 40 thousand retail and library customers through Ingram Catalog, more reviews, and more complimentary copies!




Appease yourself with a diverse collection of publishing and marketing services that will surely meet your discerning taste. This package is jam-packed with an extensive campaign that indeed targets traditional media to take your whole experience into a high new level!


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