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Your book is now published, it’s now time to share it with the world. BookTrail’s Publicity Drive service pairs you with our in-house literary publicist, who will create a press release that will highlight your Book and present it in a captivating way to a comprehensive array of media.


You will work closely with our literary publicist to outline, initiate, and implement a 6-month publicity drive campaign to promote your book and get the word out. After reviewing and reading your book, your publicist will create a personalized Tactical Plan as a guide of the entire campaign, your assigned publicist will be recommending the best path for you and your book that implements an approach custom-made to your book’s particular needs.


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Here’s a breakdown of what the Publicity Plus service entails:

  • Your literary publicist will read your book and set up a call with you to discuss your book, your plans, and goals and ideal audiences that you should target.

  • Your publicist will then compose a personalized custom-made plan considering the book’s needs creating a brand for you and your book.

  • In the custom-made plan, your publicist will highlight the best procedures and approaches that he/she will implement during the campaign, including the lists of media that he/she will approach, the kind of audiences that he/she will target and other relevant activities suitable to promote your book.

  • Your literary publicist will also recommend other avenues that you can personally do to gain attention. The recommendation will be based on the current activities that you are already doing as well as other ways that could potentially open more opportunity for you and your book.


Publicity Drive Program:

  • Create a press release that your literary publicist will distribute to a minimum of 1,000 media outlets chosen based on your book relevance and your area of expertise.

  • Work toward securing publicity opportunities through radio interviews and TV appearances and other forms of traditional, printed and digital media, may it be magazine, newspaper, blogs, podcast, vloggers, bloggers, media influencers, directors and even producers.


  • Throughout this campaign, your literary publicist will give you a detailed report from the beginning of the campaign, the progress and will also provide you with an end of campaign report.


  •  This campaign guarantees one TV Appearance and one Radio Interview or more to put your book in the hands of people who can produce awareness for you and your book and will guide you to accomplish your goals.

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