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BookTrail Agency's season reviewers, reviews manuscripts, published and unpublished books, ebooks, audiobooks, poetry books, comic books, graphic novels, and short stories. Our reviewers are consists of journalists, literary agents, bloggers, published authors, publicists, and even regular readers. The more reviews – preferably on the positive end, of course – it gets, the higher its chances of being displayed prominently in bookstores.

Benefits of Book Review:

  • Improvement of your reading, writing and thinking skills. You can look for strengths and weaknesses in your work.

  • Understand what your readers want.

  • Build your brand as an author.

  • Increase your sales.


We provide a FREE "Five Star" digital seal for your website or your book cover to everyone who will get a 5 star review rating. Our main goal is to help new-indie, and self-published get the recognition that they deserve. So we will only post four and 5-star reviews. If an author receives a poor review, we provide constructive criticism to the author instead.




  • Consist of 5 professional reviews coming from our seasoned reviewers.

  • Automatic two entries to the prestigious annual book contest, "International Book Awards. "


Once review is completed:


  • Review will be posted to popular websites and search engines like KOBO, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Review will be announced to 500,000 libraries, bookstores, schools.


Question: How long does it take for a review?


Answer: Reviews are provided 4-5 weeks after securing the service.

Annual International Book Awards announcement of winners will every 1st of September. All award recipients are automatically invited to attend the Miami Bookfair

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