Press Releases have transformed a lot over the years, especially that most businesses nowadays identified the importance of online marketing. Press Release becomes a robust approach when announcing a new product or service, creating and improving brand image. A press release already includes photos, videos, and other multimedia, making it easy to convey your message and news stories. A press release can be distributed to millions of people instantly through email and social media, an instant worldwide distribution now. A press release can expand knowledge, especially when adding links to other Web pages within a press release. BookTrail can direct readers to even more information about your book and what you do—viral possibilities.  BookTrail's Press Release Web-Boost service is a combination of a traditional and online press release. An online press release can go viral if people start sharing it over social media networks, thereby creating a buzz that was never possible with standard press releases. This type of press release campaign also gives portability and convenience; people can read your press release anywhere on the Web or smartphones—search engine optimization capability. BookTrail's writers will use specific keywords relating to you and your book; this optimizes your press release to easily access your book information and how they can purchase copies of your book through search engine use.



  • 365 Days Monitoring

  • TOP 2 Countries of your choice

  • Indexed in Major Online Search Engines

  • Placement on Major Online News Sites

  • Placement on our Network of Partner Sites

  • Distribution of Article to US TV/Radio outlets according to topic relevance

  • Distributed email to our site subscribers

  • Twitter and Facebook Posting

  • Detailed Distribution Reports

  • Ad-Free Press Release

  • up to 1000 words article crafted and created by our editorial team

  • up to 3 keyword anchor text per release

  • Optimized Title & Meta Tags

  • One embedded video



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