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Press Release Web-Boost

Create that buzz with a robust approach


Press Releases have transformed a lot over the years, especially that most businesses nowadays identifies the importance of online marketing. In fact has now becomes a “robust approach” when announcing a new product or service while at the same time creating and improving a brand image. Our  press release already includes photos, videos, and other multimedia functions, making it easy to convey your message and news stories. 

It can also be distributed to millions of people instantly through email and social media - an instant worldwide distribution plan. This can be added as links to other multiple web pages for added statistics on your books.

BookTrail’s Press Release can direct readers to a great deal of information about your book and what you do - viral possibilities.  This service is a combination of a traditional and online press release.

Online press releases can go viral if people starts sharing it over social media networks thereby creating a buzz which is not possible with just a standard one. This type of marketing campaign also gives portability and convenience; people can now read about you and your book  anywhere on the Web or with their smartphones – An applied Search Engine Optimization capability. 

BookTrails’ writers will develop specific keywords relating to you and your book which can optimize your online presence. Buyers, Literary agents and Stakeholders can now easily access data on how and where to order copies of your book with this online approach



  • 365 Days Monitoring

  • TOP 2 Countries of your choice

  • Indexed in Major Online Search Engines

  • Placement on Major Online News Sites

  • Placement on our Network of Partner Sites

  • Distribution of Article to US TV/Radio outlets according to topic relevance

  • Distributed email to our site subscribers

  • Twitter and Facebook Posting

  • Detailed Distribution Reports

  • Ad-Free Press Release

  • up to 1000 words article crafted and created by our editorial team

  • up to 3 keyword anchor text per release

  • Optimized Title & Meta Tags

  • One embedded video


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