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Why Did Jesus Have to Die? | Chris Conrad in Rebuilding Your Life Radio With Susan Sherayko

What is God really like? In religion, like science, we need to know the truth.

What started the war in heaven? Does God care for me? Is faith really all we need to be saved? Why did Jesus have to die?

This bold study addresses these vital spiritual questions with a biblically solid, inspiring, and fresh perspective. Conrad reveals a magnificent God who prefers that we consider ourselves his trusted friends and not just obeying servants—a caring God who wants us to be willing to ask him even the hardest and most personal questions.

The author describes a great controversy in which God has been accused by Satan of lying and shows how God has demonstrated his truthfulness. He focuses on the question of why Jesus needed to die and gives a surprising, clear, and reasonable explanation. He tells of a gracious God that loves us more than life itself and prepares us for a time of trouble soon to come.

Most of all, Why did Jesus Have to Die? introduces an alternate theology—the Great Controversy-Demonstration Model—that may shake the Earth.

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About the Author

Chris Conrad specializes in creation versus evolution theory and has a career as a professional geologist in Utah. He earned a bachelor’s degree in geology from Colorado State University in 1983 and obtained a master’s degree from Wichita State University in hydro-geology. Chris has spent nearly 20 years as a teacher of math and science and has also been a leader in Bible studies for the past 30 years.


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