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Setting up your Marketing Blueprint

Not knowing how to market your book can be daunting. This happens almost all of the time to newly published authors. Figuring out what platforms to use, the budget to set aside and the proper timing to implement those advertisements takes a lot of time to figure out. To simplify the process, it’s better to know what effective platforms are there and know their unique advantages.

One Important Thing:

If your goal is to reach as many audiences as possible with a limited budget, you can always opt-in for a lesser magazine space or airtime in radio shows. Check your how the audience will respond to your book. Your service provider mostly sends a fulfillment report after the ad if the results are positive, then you can do more of it. Check out these platforms below and let us know your thoughts.

Radio & Television

There’s no better person to present the book to its readers other than its author. Radio and TV advertising establishes both the author (brand) and the book (product) at the same time.

There are shows which discuss specific market interest for a specific target audience. You can easily choose one

which best fits the topic or message of your book. After the show, most paid advertisements will come with a digital file of your interview or commercial. You can always maximize this service by posting it to your website or social media page.


You can target local readers via newspaper ads. Whether you are from that city or your story took place in that city, it’s a good idea to add this platform to your artillery. The artwork showcase will be limited in the newspaper. This medium may not be the best place to do it if you'd love to show off your book's illustrations in an advertisement. Still, this can be a very effective marketing platform for books.

Most newspapers have arts sections where your advertisement could reach the right audience. You can announce a book signing or event with you in a specific newspaper section. Take a classified ad if your budget is tight. This is a great way to reach niche markets, such as car enthusiasts, dog lovers, and so on.

Magazines are publications designed to appeal to readers with specific interests. You can select the reach (city, state, national) or any specific interest pertinent to your book (sports, self-help, Christianity, etc.) even time the market like marketing children’s book on Christmas Season.

This type of advertising allows you to showcase your book’s cover or illustrations inside the book. You can choose a full page, half or even a quarter of the magazine, depending on your budget. Your target audience here is magazine subscribers. They are avid readers and have a higher probability of buying newly published books.

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