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Rob Marshall in Daily Spark Tv with Dr. Angela Butts Chester

Eco-action adventure novel set in New Zealand's wilderness. Three couples decide to go on an adventure into the mountains riding horses up a big wild river. Their four day ride takes them to a wonderful camping spot. The two leading men in the group had hunted and camped frequently here over the years from their youth. They described it as the most wonderful place - beautiful landscapes, majestic trees, a wonderful river and a great campsite with plenty of game in the bush and fish in the river. They called it their Paradise. The rest of the group are excited to go and see Paradise for themselves. "We've dreamed of being here for so long and here we are. Two dreams become one," said Janey, blowing a kiss to Brent from where she sat on her horse. As their journey progresses, there is a dramatic turn of events.

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