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Killing the Perfectionist Within: A Self-Help Guide for Women Suffering from Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Honor Jane Newman

Release high expectations, reduce anxiety, and come to accept yourself completely as you are right now. Honor teaches us the beauty of being average through her fun and accessible writing style and practical workbook exercises.

• Live with greater self confidence and energy

• Reduce anxiety and self-pressure

• Be the person you've always wanted to be

"Loved the book! I enjoyed reading it today with cups of tea and my feet up. It's very accessible and easy to read, as well as very insightful, helpful and practical."-Shae M (psychologist)

The book is available on Amazon and other online bookstores where good books are sold.

About the Author

Honor Newman loves helping empower women from negative mindsets and conditioning so they can fulfill their wildest dreams, including financial freedom. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her two children. She loves reading and writing books as well as cooking and painting.

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