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PODCAST: Katrina Morgan In Rebuilding Your Life Radio With Susan Sherayko

There Was a Crooked Man: A Psychological Thriller

The idea of a new life is so compelling, Katie Werner will make a desperate leap toward freedom, despite the consequences. Similar to Black and Blue and Sleeping with the Enemy--This domestic suspense thriller is a provocative mix of intrigue, psychological manipulation, false clues, and second chances. Armed with documents voluntarily given to her from a deceased friend, Katie begins to plot and scheme an elaborate escape from narcissistic husband, Jack. She tried to leave once before with disastrous results, meaning the stakes are high. On the day of her deliverance, Jack senses something amiss, and Katie has only a three-hour head start. A frenetic game of cat and mouse ensues across Savannah, with Katie staying just a step ahead of Jack, the police investigating her disappearance and an increasingly frenzied media. Katie ends up stranded less than one-hundred miles from home. Out of money, out of choices, she must make this new place home. Although they don't know her true story, the townspeople--particularly three strong women-- give her a sense of self-worth she's never known. Jack, however, has not given up his search for Katie—determined to find her and regain control of his life—he is drawing ever closer. Oblivious to Jack's sadistic plans, Katie is building a beautiful new life, but wrangling with the lies she has told and the morality of her decision. Unable to accept a foundation built on falsehoods, Katie makes a decision that puts her in Jack's cross-hairs one last time. As the threads unravel, Jack becomes more dangerous, culminating in a final confrontation that seems ripped from the pages of today's newspaper. Somewhere between love and hate, and truth and lies, a fragile hope abides.

From the Author

This book came about after a group that I was a part of sponsored a local Battered Women's Shelter. To listen to the women's desperate stories, and understand they left their previous life with nothing and still had hope, left an indelible mark on my mind, heart and soul.  Many, within our group (including me) could not comprehend how the women found themselves in such circumstances and did not understand why they stayed so long.    In listening and paying more attention over the next few years, I realized many smart and capable people, not just women, are imprisoned in relationships and situations they cannot easily escape. This book, this story, although fictional, hopes to give them a voice.  "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite the darkness." ~Desmond Tutu

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