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PODCAST: Janalee Beck In Rebuilding Your Life Radio With Susan Sherayko

From the author of the book How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Sextastic!: Improve Your Love Life in Seven Weeks

Sextastic! Improve your Love Life in Seven Weeks is for couples who want to rekindle, refresh, and reboot their relationship. Janalee Beck's mission is to step-up your intimate pillow talk and heighten your physical pleasure, which grows your capacity for connection. She also dispels myths and misconceptions about romantic love. In short, she brings couples closer together.

In a candid, easy-to-understand style, the author also:

  • Helps couples talk about sex and their feelings

  • Explores ways to connect more passionately

  • Strengthens cross-gender communication skills

  • Boosts self-confidence in & outside the bedroom

  • Helps readers overcome obstacles to oral sex

  • Clarifies how lovers self-sabotage pleasure

  • Offers 17 dynamic techniques for gratification

  • Includes interactive exercises to build strong ties

By taking a few hours of your time in the next seven weeks, you'll discover greater love, sex, romance, and intimacy for a lifetime. What a great trade-off! Establish a supportive foundation for how to behave toward your partner in the future. As a couple, are you willing to open up emotionally, share feelings, and explore new horizons?

Be honest and kind when completing synergistic exercises. Take time to write down your answers. What you believe about love and romance eventually becomes your reality. While there's no perfect formula to enhance intimacy, this workbook steers you in the right direction. Good luck, couples!

"Janalee Beck captures the essence of sexual intimacy, bringing to the forefront the essential ingredients of passion and pleasure. She boldly shares her insights for our benefit. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to embrace a level of intimacy never before achieved, regardless of age." --Dr. Lee Yosowitz, MD., lifetime Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

To get your copy:

About the Author:

A well-qualified professional, Janalee Beck holds a Master's degree from Arizona State University. She has been a teacher, trainer, adjunct faculty member, a social worker, a licensed Legal Document Preparer, and has held an advanced designation as a financial planner (CRPC ®). Beck is a published author, has shared her insights through seminars, and supports other women through networking and writing ebooks.

In 1993, Avon Books (NY) published her first book, How to Have Multiple Orgasms, about female sexuality. The book is more down-to-earth than the title suggests. It sold over 56,000 copies and was translated into Spanish and Chinese. Beck now shares her secrets and bedroom philosophy with anyone who wants to spread their romantic wings, regardless of age.

As founder of Wisdomality Enterprises, Beck promotes her website——which is devoted to elevating the inner power of women to direct their life path with confidence. Her self-help ebooks on romance, transformation, and parenting offer practical ways to create an environment where readers learn about personal growth, forgiveness, spiritual exploration, positive reinforcement, authentic communication, and humor.


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