PODCAST: Creole Moon | S.T. Holmes on Daily Spark Radio with Dr. Angela Chester

Author S.T. Holmes talks about her books on Daily Spark Radio. She is the author of the Creole Moon series which starts with Creole Moon: The Betrayal, followed by Creole Moon: Book of Roots.

Creole Moon: The Betrayal

Explore the world of fantasy in the Louisiana swamp during the 1800s.  Join our hero, George Genois, as he uncovers a dark side of love and marriage.  George returns to his hometown to celebrate the wedding of his twin brother, Gerald. George is not the marrying kind but strange events throw him in the path of a fiery rebellious young woman from his past.  A spell is cast and he falls madly in love with her but the priest and priestess of the swamp have other plans for the woman. Under a creole moon all of their fates are sealed.

Creole Moon: Book of Roots

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the perfect locale for a treasure hunt. When it coincides in the year of the Luperci festival, the magic world is turned upside down, and the feast of forgiveness turns into a fight of wickedness. This Mardi Gras festival is like non ever seen before or will ever see in the future.

Experience sibling rivalry at its finest as two sisters square off against each other for control of the book of roots. Unite with our hero, George Genois, as he is drawn deeper into the realm of magic and the forces of good and evil. If he thought his adventures with Mamuska and Ophelia were harsh before, then he is in for an even wilder time with these sisters. Each sister wants him as an ally, but George is interested in righting a wrong done only to him. Does George get his revenge?

Also by S.T Holmes

Dynamite Resume: Nailed it!

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About the Author:

Suzon Tropez Holmes a.ka. S.T. Holmes was born and raised in New Orleans and was educated in the Catholic School system before heading off to college in North Carolina. She has two bachelor degrees and a master’s in business management. Her job in corporate finance keeps her very busy but she finds time to delve in her passion for writing.  Suzon came up with the story line, Creole Moon, one night while driving down the river road between Metarie and New Orleans.  It was a full moon, a golden color with an orange like ring around it. She immediately thought of voodoo and the swamps and from that thought, Creole Moon series sprung out.

When she is not working or writing, she is spending time with her family. She loves to hear from her fans, so send her a message and let her know your thoughts.  She may be reached atsuetropez@yahoo.com.

Visit her website at: www.stholmes.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuzonTropezHolmes

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