Paul Rushworth Brown in America Tonight with Kate Delaney

"It's fate that we are speaking to our next guest, his name is Paul Brown and he combines his love for history, genealogy and fiction and takes us back in time where time will leave you. I'm telling you, you will not be able to put down really, one of his books but specifically were going to talk about the second book 'Winter of Red'. Paul, thanks so much for coming on Author's Corner..."

I was as surprised as you probably are to get an interview on America Tonight with Kate Delaney. Apparently their media company in Australia had sent them my details and they contacted me by email to go on the show. What?

The first thing I thought, things like this do not happen to me, so what's the catch? I returned the email and sure enough, they wanted to talk to me about my first novel 'Skullduggery,' but I persuaded them otherwise thinking the second novel was more polished and the characters were more developed. This, I've since been told is not quite the case.

Kate's assistant William, emailed me the next day to organise a time for Kate and I to do the interview. Now, I have never liked interviews because I STUTTER, a trait leftover from Jimmy Brown, or maybe my own insecurities, most probably the latter! Anyway, Dad stuttered so do I, so I blame him!

Kate's assistant organised a Zoom meeting for the following week. Kate and I discussed the novel and my favourite character, then we went live!

All of a sudden, I realise this interview is being broadcast around America and syndicated through three different radio channels.

The interview was very professionally done but most importantly it was fun. I applaud Kate and her crew, especially William who put up with my rantings and ravings about it not being genuine.

I sent Kate an email the following day after listening to the interview live on 1030 The Voice.

Dear Kate, Thanks so much. A big thank-you to you and your team. Very professional and most importantly...Fun!

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