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Karen Johnson in Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko

Baba, the Farmer (written and illustrated by Karen Johnson)

Baba is a farmer and a father of five sons who sang the song each morning before going into the field to work. Baba taught each of his sons that when you rise each morning, give thanks and sing this song.

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You can get a copy of the book on Amazon and other online bookstores worldwide.

About the Author

Karen Johnson is the founder of Real Stories from the Heart, a storytelling artist. She is an independent artist, writer, performer, and storyteller. As a freelance performer, productions and primarily comprised of original works that combine storytelling with songs and poetry. Karen's unique style of storytelling is an emergent entity from developing workshops to creating curriculum; her art is to enhance communications literacy. Ms. Johnson has presented Lecture Workshop for "Storytelling the Language of Leadership" conference for Andrews University, a three hours presentation consists lesson plan and learning objectives. And presented numerous years for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy of Environmental and Social Justice at the Yale Peabody Museum; with this year focus on 2015 storytelling theme "Thriving in the Harvest."


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