Joining Book Contests- Robert Martin Bishop

Deadline for the 2020 International Book Awards is fast approaching.

Hear out this amazing experience of Mr. Robert Martin Bishop as he shares all his memories from joining, getting his book reviewed and finally attending and receiving his award during the 2018 Miami Book Fair.

Question 1:

Mr. Bishop, What did you feel after knowing that you will be flying to Miami, attend the book exhibit and receive your award?

His Answer:

Just entering a contest, especially one as well-known and respected as Reader's Favorites, can be nerve wracking all on its own. For me, having poured heart and soul into I, Jetebais, I was both excited and somewhat intimidated knowing that my work was going to be read and evaluated for its worth by accomplished literary judges. A negative review, or even just a ho-hum review from people like that would be devastating! The phone call I got from Candace and Daisy from Book Trail Agency letting me know that I had gotten an award was first incredibly exciting, followed closely by a real sense of relief, and then exciting again!

Question 2: What were the highlights of the awarding ceremony?

His Answer:

I don't really have a favorite part of that weekend. The "Meet and Greet" was super. I met/chatted/commiserated/celebrated/laughed with so many authors from so many different backgrounds. The ceremony itself was a lot of fun and inspiring at times, and just being acknowledged as belonging with other accomplished authors felt wonderful.

QUESTION 3: What benefits do you think your book get by joining book contest?

His Answer:

I'm very much hoping that the exposure the book will get from the Reader's Favorites Award will launch it to another level.

QUESTION 4: Based on your overall experience in this specific contest " judging process, awards, awarding ceremony etc. " , would you join other book contest?

His Answer:

I would certainly join other contests, and indeed I already have done so previous to Reader's Favorites. I, Jetebais also won an award and a stellar review from Pacific Book Review.

QUESTION 5 : Would you recommend this service to other authors?

His Answer:

I would highly recommend contests as a potential marketing tool, as well as the services of Book Trail Agency whose experience in the field of publishing and marketing is immensely

Would you like to experience this, this 2020? Allow us to take your book to whole new level!

Thank you Mr. Bishop for the trust and support - Always remember that BookTrail Team will forever be your supporter no matter what.

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