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EAU DE LEON | Jerry Methner for This Week in America with Ric Bratton

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

About the book:

Initially, I wanted to encourage friends or even strangers to create life conditions of health and satisfying experiences. Since then, I've decided that it's not my direct responsibility. Instead, be kind and encouraging. It's not for me to tell another how to do this unless specifically asked for my advice.

I want to share some of my personal histories. In doing so, I hope you'll better understand where I'm coming from; I am doing this through publishing Eau de Leone.

I was born in a small rented house in Beaverton, Michigan on September 5, 1939. At age 4 my family moved to a small farm just outside of town. The farm was owned by my grandfather, Frank Methner. That's where my middle name came from, Jerry Frank Methner. My grandparents had lived on the family farm for many years. Eventually Grandpa Frank had a serious stroke and could neither talk plainly nor walk more than one unsteady shuffle at a time


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