Jaw-dropping secret to get ahead of publishing race!

Looking for a breakthrough in the publishing industry but then realize there are millions of authors like you who want the same thing? Standing out in an extremely competitive market can be very difficult. You'll often find yourself asking the questions "Is my book good enough?" or "How will they notice me when there's a lot of books out there?". Well, my friends, the answer is simple.

How? By joining Book Contests!

Here are reasons why you should join Book Contests:

1. It builds credibility

Book Contests tell us that you've competed with thousands of authors with the same genre and came out victorious. Readers, agencies, and publishers respond to that making you more and more recognized. This tells them that your book is unique from the rest and is worth reading and investing.

2. It boosts your confidence.

Remember back in school when the teacher gave us stars or stamps every time we gave a correct answer? Oh, the sense of pride and confidence we felt seeing that stamp on our hands.

You see, nothing feels better than a recognition that you did well. Book Contests work exactly like that. Winning an award and having that placed on the cover of your book is PRICELESS. Winning a Book Contest gives you confidence in your book. Imagine, your book went through a panel of seasoned writers and won the contest. Aside from giving you confidence, winning Book Contests will also motivate you to write more books.

3. It will increase your exposure and Marketability.

Joining book contests is a great way to get your name out there in the publishing world.

More often than not, agencies and publishers look into contest winners for acquisitions because they know that book is worth their time and investment. Book contests also allow you to interact with other writers and share tips and advice which you can incorporate in your next book contest. Plus, who does not want that stamp of approval added to their resume?

4.) You will receive..get ready for it...PRIZES!

Aside from the recognition you'll get after you win, you will also be getting monetary prizes. Book Contest prizes can range from $15,000 up to $50,000. No wonder a lot of writers want to join these contests! Some contest organizers have partnered with traditional publishing houses and film production companies for future title acquisition so getting your book acquired is definitely high! Now, that’s definitely a good deal!

5.) It gives you MOTIVATION.

Book Contests usually set deadlines for the participants and believe me, nothing will help you better than a deadline to finish your book. If you’re an author who hasn’t finished writing the book but is dead serious about joining a book contest, this one's for you. Joining Book Contests will not only help you to stay focused and motivated but will also help you in prioritizing what’s important until you complete your book in time for the contest.

6.) Most importantly, you'll get EXPERIENCE.

You might’ve heard the saying “Experience is the best teacher”. As cliché as it sounds, this is actually quite true. You can read about other people’s experiences joining book contests, the do’s and don’ts, what to prepare, etc. but nothing beats experiencing it firsthand. Aside from interacting with other aspiring writers, some contests will give you the opportunity to speak with the judges and receive feedback from them. You will also be getting tips and best practices from other writers who’ve been in the industry longer than you. So even if you don’t place in a contest, I’m positive you’ll be getting more than a few takeaways.

Take this Trail forward and allow us to lead you the way!

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