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D.L. Mangles in America Tonight with Kate Delaney

The Hermaphroditic Contortionist by D. L. Mangles

The genre of this literary work may be too easily described as an adventure novel, but it would be more accurate to categorize it as a philosophical adventure. The main character is seeking redemption for a past mistake and also trying to find a lost premise that was omitted from our Constitution. Not only do I challenge the prevailing jurisprudence of victimless crimes, but I also redefine the role of our government, as I believe our founding fathers thought it should be. For those who wish an end to our Leviathan bureaucracy, an end to political action groups or lobbyists, and an end to the search for a “just tax,” this is the book for you to read. The main character has been called upon to repay an old debt of honor. While he readily acquiesces, repaying this marker plunges him into his friend’s world of smuggling marijuana. To get a copy of the book:

About the Author

David Mangles is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, Michigan, and majored in psychology. He has had a variety of occupations including uranium mining on the Continental Divide, part owner of a delicatessen, and worked in special education within the Grand Rapids school district.


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