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BookTrail Agency Book Contest

There are hundreds of thousands of new books published each year. A large fraction of it is mostly self-published. But an undeniable truth that comes after these books are printed and distributed is many of those newly published titles may not get any following, or may not even sell. And of course, authors have different motives on why they write, and it is not always for profit, yet, many of the authors have the end goal of selling thousands of copies of their hard-earned published works.

Entering a book contest will help experienced and especially less-experienced authors boost their credibility in the book and reader communities. It opens up opportunities to reach your target audience and extend your borders. You can gain a market advantage over others that have been kept unnoticed due to low media exposure or lacking market visibility. While getting your book scrutinized and judged on its quality and overall readability may cause some distress or excitement for new authors, it does put a different level of recognition by the time your entry is selected.

There are a lot of perks when your book is recognized in any category. You can place the seal of excellence on your book cover to make it stand out among the new releases. Your title will receive extra publicity by getting announced to partner channels in the industry, and of course, a lifetime honor that can be visible to readers, agents, and traditional publishers.

BookTrail Agency is dedicated to help authors stretch their audience and marketability, to help them develop their confidence in their niche and gain competitive edge by participating in different events like a book contest.

BookTrail has participated and represented authors in the 2019 Annual Pacific Book Awards Contest. A number of them were recognized and won on their respective category. Here is the list of titles that have been named finalists and winners.

Best Children’s Book • Letter From Santa Claus – By: Robin Jones (Winner) • Jose the Donkey – By: Nancy L. Pidutti (Finalist)

Best Children’s Picture Book 5 and Younger • Humphrey, The Baby Humback Whale: A Whale of a Tale – By: Nancy L. Pidutti (Finalist)

Coming of Age • Skip Day – By: Joseph Brisben (Winner)

Best Fiction • Sweet Lorraine – By: Joseph Brisben (Finalist)

Best Spirituality • The Healing Process – By: Cassandra Wade (Winner)

Best Short Stories • Something Unusual: Michael’s Collection of Short Stories Vol2 – By: Michael Montero (Winner)

Best Biography •War Nightmares – By: Michael Montero (Finalist)

To view the rest of the winners and finalists, visit


To fire up your campaign, contact BookTrail Agency at 888-446-3094 or Email us (Monday-Fridays - 11 AM to 8 PM EST)

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