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Bird from Hell - 4th Edition by Gerald McIsaac

As children, we are captivated by stories of huge fantastical creatures, such as the wooly mammoth and the pterodactyl. The prevailing wisdom is these species are long extinct, but new evidence uncovered by author Gerald McIsaac casts doubt on these widely held assumptions.

McIsaac gathered stories from the elders of the First Nation those who were formerly referred to as Indians, Native Americans, or Aboriginals. First Nation elders provided McIsaac with detailed descriptions of six species long thought to be extinct. These species include the Devil Bird, the Hairy Elephant, the Wilderness Wolf, the Rubber-Faced Bear, the Lake Monster, and Sasquatch.

In Bird from Hell, McIsaac separates fact from fiction by comparing eyewitness accounts of these species with scientific opinion concerning their identity. His conclusion is that these huge species are not extinct, but he needs assistance in gathering evidence to substantiate this claim. By following the simple directions provided in Bird from Hell, you can help prove these various species still exist.

Published by BookTrail Agency, this book is available in eBook and Paperback formats and you can get it on major online bookstores.




About the Author:

Gerald McIsaac is a Caucasian mountain man who has lived with the Indigenous Mountain People for over forty years. They have provided him with detailed descriptions of various animals which he recognizes, animals which the scientific community considers to be long extinct. During that time, he has been attempting to prove the existence of these animals, as yet without any success.

At the same time, he has been trying to determine the reason the scientists refuse to acknowledge the existence of those same animals. The only answer that makes any sense is that the government is determined to deny its existence. Any scientist who challenges that government denial is risking career suicide. 

As Gerald McIsaac does not have a career, he has no career to lose. For that reason, the ''little science project'' has expanded to include a condemnation of the government, based on capitalism. That is the reason for the political articles, as well as the scientific articles. As Gerald McIsaac puts it, ''I just go where my investigation leads me.''

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