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Accidentally on Purpose: Becoming a Cello Teacher by Wendy Max

Published by BookTrail Publishing, this book celebrates forty years of teaching, and it is packed full of tips for aspiring music teachers, insights into what talent is, how media attention affects people and gives appendices that generously share learning games and useful music. All this alongside the parallel story of how Wendy outgrew her restraining parents and made them proud of her.

Wendy Max grew up in a protected environment where a woman's role was to be a caring wife and a loving mother. She married young and had four bouncing boys by the time she was thirty. Wendy wanted more than that-tea parties and flower arranging were not enough for a woman with a lively mind and plenty of energy. But what could she do with only a Cordon Bleu certificate to show for herself?

Here is the story of how, from nowhere, Wendy achieved renown in the world of cello teaching, how the great and the good flocked to her classes, and how she fought to carve herself a career against parental disapproval. Wendy's spirit and fortitude shine out in every page. She writes as she speaks, with an infectious, almost breathless enthusiasm-for cellos large and tiny, for summer schools by the sea and, above all, making learning fun for children.

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