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A Powerful Challenge

by Denny Daikeler Yes, what a powerful time. Most of us have never been close to a challenge like this. The virus crisis is confronting our humanity thoroughly. Are you up to it? Am I?

I am certainly trying, but one never knows in a new life situation, who they are going to be. We may know who we HOPE we’ll be, but when times are this critical, we often meet a new part of ourselves.

I’m reminded of a time when something happened that could fit into the category, and I’m not even sure I can label that, but now I want to share it. It is an incident from my Messages book involving my son David. I actually asked him for permission to put it on Facebook even though I’ve written about it before. His response was, “Absolutely.”

It is an old story for Dave and I. It happened 31 years ago when I had just gotten home from a trip to Holland and he was travelling with a music group, Up With People, in California. He called near the end of the day, and I could barely make out his words. He sounded upset.

"What’s up, David?" I asked. He was crying. I stiffened.

“After rehearsal today I was helping the gang clean up the equipment, when I hurt my back. My host, a chiropractor, put me in a brace, said I need surgery and I’ll never dance again! Mom, I’m scared!”

I was stunned at the tragic diagnosis. I was 3000 miles away, and clueless about what to say. I was a startled mom and didn’t know what was best. It was one of those moments that had everything to do with saying the best thing. I didn’t know what the” best thing” was going to be. I tell you I literally just prayed. My prayer was, “Lord, how in the world do I respond? Bring me to some knowing of what to say.” I really was terrified.

Suddenly I heard myself say, "So, did you believe it?” I was stunned at my own words.

“What?” he said, as though he couldn’t believe what I’d just said.

I repeated it! “Did you believe it? Is that what you think your future is going to be?”

“I don’t know Mom!” he said.

Well, of course it wasn’t the truth he wanted, but being asked whether it was the truth he believed was a strange question, especially when the question came from his mother. A trained Chiropractor had told him these facts. Could he, a 19 year old, question an authority’s words?

“I don’t know," he stuttered.

“If you believe it David, then perhaps that is what will be” I found myself saying!!! I had really moved out of the way of the responsibility of what to say.

“I guess you’ll need to decide whether you believe it or not. In the meantime, I’ll call your chiropractor here and ask his advice. You say you’re wearing a brace? I’ll tell him. I also, know a healer near your location I will call him too. Pray David, and I love your darling.”

I had successfully come into the moment and was trusting what came out of me,

“Thanks, Mom.” he said. His tone was different. There was less fear. My shaking had subsided a little.

I want you to know the happy ending, so you can cherish and trust the message of this story. David chose to trust my words that day. And now at this writing he is 53, a father and healthy. He sings, dances, lifts heavy objects, weights and lives without back pain (unless he forgets to stretch and honor his back.) Amazing?

It’s one of those stories that could have ended many ways. And I was caught in fear. But the amazing thing for me is what came out of my mouth. Did it decide the result? Did his trust? WE will never know.

But I tell the story about two people, David and I, and a situation created by circumstances. Not unlike today! And basically the story we both chose was trust. Is that what decided the outcome? We’ll never know.


About the Author

Denny Daikeler is a talented woman with quite the ability in writing and interior design. With the hectic schedule of raising a family, she has managed to become ordained as an interfaith minister and has become part of a liberal church community. Her book Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity has been inspired by her experiences with the community and her exposure to reality. Because of this, she created something beautiful to help other people become more aware of their surroundings and appreciate the obvious things that others might fail to notice. Visit her website at

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