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A message from author Jim Nowdomski III

Amid this global pandemic brought by COVID-19, I hope that everyone will continue to stay safe in their homes, and even for those who are currently affected, and the health workers who continue to fight this deadly virus, we can all get through this.

First I would recommend reading chapter one in my book Cycles, dedicated to God. Then especially page 84 titled “Death Is The Enemy.” Also the last selection page 100 “There are no answers, only reasons.”

When watching the daily live updates on my phone from our governor, people submit their comments on what they hear. And as always, it starts revolving around God. Why is God punishing us? Why is he letting this happen? Etc. Why doesn't anybody ever consider it is the work of Satan? There is evil in the world because of him, not our Lord. I do not claim to know the mind of God, but if I were to suggest that he is responsible, it’s not for punishment. It's a small warning that we need to take a break from what is unimportant. Money, material things, etc. Start getting back to the basics, family time, love, and do not be in such a hurry. Our punishments will happen on the last day, that is when all will be judged on their lives.

Jim Nowdomski III, author of the book Cycles. The book is available on Amazon and other online bookstores.


About Jim:

For most of his life, Jim has dreamed the improbable, reached for the unattainable, and strives for the impossible. He continues his emotional drive for the elusive peace and tranquility that we all seek. It is a quest which occurs with every emotion that he encounters and every breath that he takes. And with each breath comes the realization that it is not the meaning of life that we should be concerned with, but rather what does our precious life mean to us?

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