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"A Gathering of Thoughts" by Pryam Bann

"A Gathering of Thoughts"

Switching on the tv

Attention is given to the

rules and regulations

As we navigate thru times

of a harsh reaity


My mind follows a path

I see Harry Potter's World

Where in it the name of Lord Voldemort's may not be spoken

because of the intense fear felt by all

Must this virus be feared to the point of hording groceries and toilet paper

Imagining myself in the eye of a hurricane

I observe chaos

The mind wishes to hush the voices of uncertainty

Fear takes ahold of my body and shakes it like a rag doll

It becomes difficult to breathe and a helpless feeling of loosing my footings boggles the mind

The heart knows

This emotion must be soothed

Closing my eyes thoughts focus on healing energy

A serene Vista appears and I see a sliver of light

Thoughts becoming purposeful and hope brightens the light

I will do my little part

Nourishment is necessary and so I indulge with a compassionate awareness to be kind to others

The energy of fear is washed away by the work to be done during this reign of pandemonium

Change must not be looked at with fear

But with a sense of adventure


About the Author:

Originally from Trinidad, resides in Quebec Canada. She was a wife, is a mother and a grandmother. She has always been drawn to the arts and is a self-taught artist and writer. Her purpose is to learn how to be a better human-being today, so she can teach it when the opportunity presents itself tomorrow. She lives in a state of grace and gratitude for all of life's lessons. Her experiences of pain and suffering have cracked open the imagination and creativity of her soul. As a child her father would spend his Sundays taking her and her sisters on hikes along rivers in Trinidad. It was always a peaceful and rejuvenating time for her. She instinctively felt a connection with an energy of infinite love and to trust that pain and suffering is only a temporary inconvenience. So out of this truth came her book called "The Silent Teachers."

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