Al Cole is a 10-year Veteran Broadcaster from CBS Radio and is one of the most gifted and successful broadcasters in talk with his nationally syndicated show People of Distinction.


Al Cole has served professionals from Random House, Simon & Schuster, Finn Partners (one of the most prestigious PR Firms in NY, LA & DC), Guttman PR (Jay Leno & Jane Seymour), Emory University in Atlanta ("The Harvard University of the South") & many other prominent national establishments.  


Al Cole Enterprises is aligned with national Publicists, Book Publishers and Agents, and is an established clearing house to help those with talent & dedication to successfully launch their products nationally.


Al's People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards (PDHA): groundbreaking national awards events honoring inspirational Unsung Heroes in our world. Al's dynamic events have become a favorite in New York City and on Capitol Hill to members of the US Congress. Al is a national Speaker & Consultant and has helped hundreds with something great to say... to say it to the public EVEN MORE EFFECTIVELY through his Voice... and through his vast international experience. Al Cole isn't just a great talk show host, he's a world class Business Entrepreneur helping others to better IGNITE Their BUSINESS DIRECTIONS.

People of Distinction is for professional & even non-professional Life Experts offering valuable, authentic talk to help elevate our Human Family! The Al Cole Broadcasting Network aired through Apple's professional iTunes Radio Network gives visibility to other inspirational talk show hosts including world-class actress Dee Wallace, star of Steven Spielberg's movie classic "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial"

Service Summary:

  • 20- 30 minutes radio interview with Al Cole

  • Interview airs on (Apple's iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, BBC & C-Span)

  • Book Trail’s online publicity.

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