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Online Publicity

With more people, specifically bookworms and book buyers, shopping, and researching products online, it is becoming critical for authors like you to be recognized. With the growing technology, you must have an effective Internet marketing plan in place. Internet marketing helps you to be at pace in the market. According to Internet World Stats, there are 4.5 billion Internet users worldwide. It is an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience that may be looking for your book. There are billions of people online just waiting to find a book like yours.

People use the Internet to find all types of information. May it be constant research to find relevant information and book genres of their liking. By investing in Internet marketing, you’re helping yourself, and your book reaches those interested readers.

The importance of Internet marketing lies in your ability and your chosen team to create a two-way communication.

You provide target readers and audience relevant and necessary information about you and your book. Whenever you create a social media post or create any form of marketing material, you make the opportunity for people to get in touch with you, follow you, and eventually have this potential of buying your book(s).

You can reach customers through several digital marketing channels. Internet marketing allows you to target demographic statistics, status, hobbies, interests, or even spending habits.  Internet Marketing also increases your book’s visibility; you are exposing your book to not just hundreds or thousands, but millions of people. With BookTrail Agency’s Online Publicity Campaigns, you’ll have the ability to target your audience 24/7 and keep up with the competition in the publishing world.



Stand out on the internet! A landing page like and Author Website is one essential marketing campaign you should not miss to have! A platform where you can link your Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook and others. You’ll need an Author Website.



BookTrail Provides Social Media Savvy Services Assisting Self-Published Authors

Publicists make social media campaigns, posting and promotion more convenient for aspiring novelists


Goodreads Giveaways are a powerful way for authors and publishers to promote their books. Promote your book to readers, build more buzz, drive book discovery, and generate early reviews using Booktrail's Goodreads Giveaway Program.

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