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My Mother's Way of Dying Well

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Product Details
Publisher: BookTrail Publishing
Paperback ISBN: 9781951505172
eBook ISBN: 9781951505165
Pages: 230
Date of Publication: March 09. 2020
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches


There is a lot of living to be done while you're dying. This book is a synopsis of end of life living and how the life of the author changed day by day during the dying time and following the death of her parents Helen and Geoffrey Byrne. It begins when the author's parents both faced death from different causes on the same day, the author was just three and a half years old. Fast forward from there to the time her parents made a will and put a funeral plan in place. The action moves on from there with many twists and surprising turns along the way. From cover to cover this book is a comprehensive record of what really happened. The chapters are excerpts are taken from the author's personal journal so the information shared is fresh. Some chapters are raw and very real. Some are funny. Some cover the very practical issues of holding a funeral and dealing with the family dynamics that come into play when people we love die or are dying. Everyone can get something from reading this book. It even has song lyrics, dreams and encounters with Jesus recorded as they occurred. It is inspirational for those struggling with their personal emotions when they face something similar or when trying to deal with funerals and the scattering of their parent's ashes in a more creative way than usual. If you read this book you may laugh till you cry so keep your tissue box handy. It is an honest recollection of how the author passed through her bereavement of her parents and found a way to move on with her life after their death. When all the issues had been dealt with the author recognised God's word and presence with us in this world would help her rebuild a new heaven and a new earth just as Jesus promised would happen.


DIANNE PORTER is the founder of the Canberra Christian Writers Group (2019) and the editor and publisher their Annual Anthology. Her vision is to capture the harvest of God's words in the lives of those who feel a call to write them down. Born and bred in Canberra, Australia as a decedent of Tidbinbilla Pioneers, Dianne developed a now lifelong habit of keeping a journal of her thoughts and musings on matters of the Christian faith in particular. Many reflections are based on her dreams. Her first article called 'He Died' was published in the NSW nurses journal The Lamp' in 1974. Till her early retirement in 2004, her written work was mostly work related. The creation and maintenance of business documentation and marketing material was essential in the later part of her nursing career when she ran her own private nursing service. Her book 'My Mother's Way of Dying Well' (Published in 2014) was based on extracts from her journals kept during the years she cared for both her parents till they died. In October 2020 her book was selected for Books of the Month on Preach the Word Worldwide Television Network coming from the USA. In late October 2020 she was broadcast on Daily Spark Radio with Dr Angela 99.1 FM ATLANTA USA. BookTrail Publishing has been contracted to publish the updated version of this book toward the end of the year 2020.

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