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I, Jetebais

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Building on the theme of separation and restoration that is inherent in faith, can a fallen angel achieve redemption after rebellion? Human arrogance, the Papacy, and the eternal struggle of Good versus Evil collide in this contemporary suspense novel by Robert Martin Bishop.

"I am the Rebellion!"
With these words, Jetebais laments his decision to leave heaven and now wishes to find a way to redeem himself. He chooses a seemingly ordinary priest to hear his confession with the ultimate plan to shield mankind should Satan learn that he is exposing him and the paths by which mankind is led into evil. The priest agrees to become Jetebais' confessor and their harrowing, suspenseful journey as Jetebais acts as a "double-agent" leads them to an explosive finish filled with Popes, fiends and fireworks.

Readers will enjoy a front row seat to Creation as well as many other Biblical and historical events. Anyone who enjoys religious mysteries, such as Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, is sure to enjoy this book.

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