Information portability and accessibility is the key to reaching out to the global market. Internet at the end of the day brings places closer and connects millions of people together. BookTrail's personalized web design service will make the information about you and your book accessible to anyone and anywhere in the world that has access to the internet. Have yourself an online representative 24/7 active



Keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle that your potential readers have. Reach them in a quick, entertaining and informative way. By having a  trailer solely produced for your published book, we make you closer to your readers by capturing their attention wherever they are. Through a one-minute to a one-minute and thirty-second video, we visually portray your story to capture your reader's interest. 



Social media is where most of your readers are. It is the place where they interact, discuss and share moments with one another. Taking your book marketing to these platforms would give it a more personal touch. With Book Trail's pool of Social Media Publicists, we can help you run your own social media advertisement campaign and even help you maintain your own book's social media accounts to increase and maintain your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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