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Naina Chavna

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About The Book

Imagine if you could change the course of history at the price of sacrificing your life. Would you do it? Anthony Frenkel always knew he was different from other people. It was a gift that he always had but as he grew older, he came to resent it. With age, he learned to live with it and control it, except, when he was about to face a tragedy. He knew when his father was going to die on the morning before the accident. He knew when his wife was losing their child, even though he was miles away from her. The one thing he did not know was the purpose of this gift. Why was he different? What was he meant to do with this curse? The answer to this question became clear one morning when he received a call. As soon as the phone rang, he knew. Life would never be the same. His journey would contribute to saving the western world from a fate of dictatorship, fear, and mass genocide.

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As a child, N D Chavda had a passion for writing which led to several short stories penned from a young age However, coming from a culture where being an author was not deemed a steady career, N D Chavda

studied science and became a Clinical Scientist starting a career in pathology, developing a test for monitoring cells for the prognosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and later specializing in diagnosis and prognosis of Leukaemia and Lymphoma. This career leads to being the manager of the Malignancy Service at a leading London Pathology Company, and more recently Operations Manager of a Covid-19 testing site. However, the passion for writing remained in the background and led to this first publication of a novel originally penned in 1997.

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