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Maggie Matthews

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About The Book

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This moving and inspirational book shows the courage, determination, and strength of a mother and her 2 children. Living a perfect life on the outside, a charming, charismatic, handsome husband with a successful business and lifestyle. Behind closed doors, my husband's behavior began to change and he started to become distant, staying out later, sometimes coming home at irregular hours, spending excess money with no explanation. His mood swings became darker and he became a compulsive liar. I was naive and gullible, knowing that something had changed, but did not know what or why? I discovered overnight that he was on drugs. My whole world had turned upside down, I was married to a Heroin Addict, how did this happen? He was scratching, sweating, personality change and his behavior became unpredictable especially when I asked questions. We were all walking on eggshells, not knowing from one day to the next whether he was going to be Jekyll or Hyde. This life-changing and the devastating experience changed our lives forever. I filed for divorce, which took us on a darker, deeper journey of violence, rape, and abuse towards myself and my son, as he wouldn?t accept the separation. One night of terror took us into being held hostage in my home, which led to us going into a refuge for safety and protection. Leaving our old life behind, including family and friends. Rebuilding a new one with a new identity.

Who Are We
Stressed Woman


Very well written.

Very poignant story. writer would inspire other people in her situation.


Amazing! The most dedicated author for putting other people first and caring for others. She is an angel for seeing positivity in people and life. This author will guide you and help you to understand the light that is there. Hoping more to come.

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