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Lori Cameron

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About The Book

The author explores her own life and the need for belief in Jesus Christ during what is described as tumultuous times from a young child to middle-age. This is a powerfully told story of the author's life. The events play out to showcase a life of hardship and struggle that reflects sadly on the challenges of many people in the world.

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Lori Cameron recalls her journey from abuse and danger to a new life of faith and hope in this emotional memoir. Lori was born in Ireland to a hysterical and abusive alcoholic mother and a kind but undemonstrative father. After a teen romance that blew apart, she married an older man, moved with him and her two boys to Canada. But her husband became perverse, forcing her into degrading sexual activity. This led her to become suicidal. Through the retelling of her life, Lori showcases strength and conviction, sharing these moments in an attempt to share with others how they too can come through events and find solace and strength within themselves.

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Above the Clouds

Other books by Lori Cameron

In this book, I have portrayed my beautiful dogs, each one of these beautiful creatures had been abused, rejected, and hurt.

In this book, I have portrayed what each one of my dogs has been through. Each one wants to be loved and have a place that they can call home. Not having to be afraid anymore, knowing that they are loved and cared for.

Their interactions with each other and most importantly, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and His wonderful love for them. Having the joy of freedom, being able to play with each other in their own garden, and the wonderful feeling that comes with being wanted and loved for themselves.

Anika, my last Siberian Husky in Canada, traveled on the same plane with me when I left Canada to live in Wales in the UK. She died at the ripe old age of 16 1/2 yrs. Bailey my short-haired Retriever is almost 10 yrs. Old and Blusie, my Siberian Husky is now 6 yrs. old.

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