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Literary Partnership

Reach that Traditional Publishing Goal

For BookTrail's Literary Partnership Program, there are several setups authors can choose from. Basic Literary Partnership, the whole term gives authors a database of up to 30 literary agents, who the authors can send query letters or proposals to. Advanced Literary Partnership is offered monthly, targeting 15 literary agents per month. BookTrail's own publicists will be the ones to create and send query letters or proposals to them, making matters even more convenient for authors. 


This can definitely give self-published authors a much needed boost in getting their works more visibility, as literary agents and agencies are insiders in the traditional publishing industry. It can also be a compliment to any social media campaigns and online marketing strategies these authors are pursuing. 


The Booktrail Agency Literary Partnership Program is aimed to fulfill authors' more traditional publishing dreams and entails publicists finding literary agents and agencies that authors can connect to. Ideally both approaches should go hand in hand as online advertisement and social media marketing are poised to catch up, and perhaps even surpass, their traditional counterparts.



Service Summary:

  • Publicists gives authors a database of up to 30 literary agents

  • Campaign will run for 6 months until maximum 30 literary agents is reached

  • Submission Guidelines and Preferences

  • Bi-weekly or monthly reports and additional details


Service Summary:

  • Creation of query letter or proposals 

  • Sending query letters and proposals to literary agents and agencies

  • Maximum of 15 literary agents to be contacted per month

  • End of month reports and additional details

NOTE: This is a monthly service.

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