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Link Thompson

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About The Book

In Link Thompson’s debut book, “Honoring Our Creator,” he highlights the importance of living a positive life and following the path one was born to take. Throughout the book, Thompson reflects on his heritage while intertwining the importance of listening to one’s inner voice and spirit.

“Honoring Our Creator” acknowledges how the Creator sees all of his children as positive blessings and wants them to live filled with optimism. Thompson addresses that the Creator’s “Word” states that we are created “in His Image;” thus, a quick online search can tell readers that their inner voice is part of a designed inner neural circuitry and is electrical in nature. It becomes intuitive that the human neural system was created to “interact’ with the Creator’s electrically natured energy, and His “Word” validates as “in His Image.” This uniquely human-created aspect can include humanity into the Creator’s spiritual world, a world of positive thinking and reinforcement.

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“There are three main themes throughout my book,” said Thompson. "They are Faith, Trust and Expectation, and these positive energized themes enable Our Creator to sense and respond with His children around the world or throughout His Universe. “Honoring Our Creator” can become an enriching lifestyle, as in a daily positive confidence factor that is fostered and validated by Our Creator’s Son, Jesus.”

Ultimately, “Honoring Our Creator” is an excellent mix between story and religion and highlights the author’s ancestors. Thompson wanted this book to resonate with all of the Creator’s children by shining a light on his family’s background while honoring His “Word.” Lastly, he wants to share with his book the classic mystery: The book is dedicated to the servant donkey, and readers will find out why throughout the pages.

Who Are We

About the Author

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Link Thompson

Link Thompson was an Air Force Fighter Pilot. Later, an International Airline Pilot who has covered most of our mother earth became familiar with the majority of all mankind and major manmade earth religions. Yet, we all bleed red and have interchangeable parts and primarily seek Our Common Creator.

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