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John Ivor Mitchell

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About The Book

Phil, a downtrodden journalist, is rested and ready to move on to the next village. When the proprietor of the inn hands him a mysterious envelope and asks him to open it only after he leaves town, Phil stuffs it into his glove compartment without another thought. Phil has no idea that in a short time, the innkeeper and his wife will be dead and his own life will have changed forever.

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In a village nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, John Abbott has just captured a dark force that had wreaked a terrible vengeance upon the town’s unlucky population. As the residents celebrate their victory over evil, they have no idea of the tumultuous events that had been set in motion. Meanwhile, Phil becomes entangled in a series of attacks that baffle police. While struggling with his own inadequacies, he unwittingly becomes the target of evil intent. No one knows if it is just bad luck or fate, but one way or the other, the Devil is determined to get his way.

In this gripping thriller, events quickly escalate until a cataclysmic showdown becomes inevitable. Turns out, Phil may just be the only one who can stop the Devil—before it is too late.

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Other Books

A murder in Heaven - Lifestyle.png

A Murder in Heaven

It isn't wise for anyone to make an enemy of God. Yet Phil had done just that. Now he was perplexed and fleeing unimaginable forces. Wronged and betrayed he faced odds that were decreasing by the second.

Could his only advantage keep him alive? His chances of finding love were even more remote. Unwittingly pursuing a perilous and unauthorized path, surely there would be casualties. Whom and how many, remained to be seen. Phil's existence, inexorably linked with all of mankind, could throw the World into the one thing we all wish to avoid....

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