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Jeff Bardeau

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About The Book

When tragedy struck, young Billy seemed to be lost. In an effort to help her son, Sarah took Billy to visit his grandpa Don, hoping that some male influence would do him some good. What awaits, however, was something Billy could never have dreamed of during his short life. Don took Billy on a trip through time, back to the days when he was a boy himself, and his adventures with his best girl friend, Bobbi Bear.

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In Lucidobe, a place far away from the crackling fireside, Don related a tale of a magical dreamcatcher with danger and excitement at every turn. Guided by the mystical Peishar sand dog, Madison, a flying, talking map named Tinn and a young dreamer named Nodda. Don and Bobbi Bear were suddenly faced with the task of saving an entire world. The evil Minder had overtaken the land, stealing people's dreams and leaving horror in its wake. As the kids headed out across an ever-changing landscape their faith and bravery were tested. The true test came as they approached the evil minders castle, for their final battle with evil.

Would they find the evil Minder in time? Would they be strong enough to overpower him? What mysteries would the dreamcatcher reveal? Most of all, what secrets would they find within themselves!

Who Are We

About The Author

He was born and raised in Lindsay Ontario, Canada. He still lives in the area. He is an artist, a poet and a songwriter. Now he has written a wonderful book that he hopes everyone will enjoy no matter how young or old you are. It is for the child in all of us. You just have to let the child out to play! When he first wrote the concept for the book he took it to a Toronto production company and they agreed to turn his story into a television series consisting of twelve one half hour shows! he was extremely happy! Once they realized the magnitude of the project they decided to delay the series for an indefinite period of time. This made the writing of the book for you and him all that more important. So once you get the book, let the wonderment of imagination take you away to a place of adventure! An adventure that will transform your world as it did his!

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