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Javed Khan

Radio Interview

Javed Khan Interview in America Tonight with Kate DelaneyArtist Name
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About The Book


What should we do when we are confronted with anxiety, depression, stress, or anger? Should we simply give in to these negative thoughts and feelings-or should we instead surrender ourselves to something greater? In order to find happiness and overcome these negative emotions, the first step is to surrender ourselves to God. Bismillah (In the Name of God)-Life Coaching for the Soul explores a practical, spiritual approach to finding peace and fulfillment in life by helping us to faithfully surrender to God. Informed by Islamic spiritual principles and an original faith united through the love of God, it invites all seekers of peace to be free of worldly stresses and instead finds satisfaction in the eternal hopes only God can provide. Author Javed Khan shares his experiences as a life coach and provides practical affirmations, prayers, meditations, and other soul-healing exercises to help seekers find the soul's true destiny-eternal peace and happiness.

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