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Fred Nelson

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About The Book

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The author participated in 19 canoe trips in the wilderness of northern Canada. The trips ranged from 11 to 36 days and totaled about 4,500 miles. Most of the trips ended at either the Arctic Ocean or Hudson Bay. This book is about one of these trips that are better described as an adventure rather than a trip. You can read about the adventure in the warmth and comfort of your home. The six canoeists who participated in this canoeing adventure planned a 450 miles trip down the Thlewiaza River to the Hudson Bay and then north on Hudson Bay to Eskimo Point (presently Arviat). However, upon arriving at Nueltin Lake, they found that it was still covered with eighty miles of ice because it had been the coldest winter in forty years. Consequently, the canoeists worked their way seventy-five miles overland to the North Seal River and then south on Hudson Bay to Churchill. The story tells of the many difficult portages, running extreme rapids in near-freezing water, encounters with bears, and a night in a storm on Hudson Bay.

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About the Author

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Fred Nelson

Fred Nelson was born and raised in the state of New York and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then he served in the Air Force. After acquiring a love for canoeing, he has over time gone on 19 canoe trips in the wilderness of northern Canada.

This story describes the difficult portaging of canoes and supplies across unmarked trails covered with snow and ice, going through extreme rapids in frigid waters, close calls with a polar bear, and a night in a storm on Hudson Bay. It contrasts the cold and wet

miserable days of their journey with idyllic moments paddling canoes on warm and fantastically beautiful days. All in all, adventure enthusiasts and those interested about traveling and exploring destinations off the beaten path have much to glean from "The Thlewiaza-Seal Rivers: Challenge of the Ice." They can enjoy Nelson's tale of adventure from the comfort of their homes, perhaps even finding the inspiration to go out on their own excursions.

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