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editorial analysis

'Is it good?' -this is the very first question that book buyers ask when deciding whether your book is worth their attention or not. Therefore, authors must strive for improvement in order to achieve excellence. With BookTrail's editorial review service, we have readily available for you a pool of experienced and reputable literary editors who could provide you with the right guidance and advise.

BOOK REviews

In an industry where subjectivity plays a major role, a book review would help vouch for your book's quality to your potential book buyers. This is why BookTrail collaborated with the most respected book review providers in the industry including 


Kirkus, ForeWord Clarion,Blueink, Hollywood, Pacific and US Reviews so that we could help you make your book stand-out with their support and endorsement. 

editing services

Focuses more on grammar, spelling and scattered punctuation, word restructuring, revisions and plot consistency. This does not only focus on the first chapter but the entire book.

Our editing service has two levels only Basic Editing and Basic Proof Reading + Basic Editing. Only available after the editorial analysis recommendation.



Imagine watching a movie without the characters and perfect scenes, boring isn’t it? Texts and illustrations work perfectly well together to form a great story too and that’s through visual arts!


Let our experienced illustrators put your characters into life and awe readers with a vibrant, joyful, realistic levels of artwork suitable to any book genre.

BookTrail Agency only gives you different levels to choose from. Feel free to view sample artworks by clicking the button below


Audiobooks are affordable and fitting, especially to busy book lovers. It helps to finish a book swiftly, especially in today's fast-paced life; Audiobooks have taken the place of books and even ebooks.