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Getting your book reviewed brings you an opportunity to enhance your digital footprint that links your book directly to your professional interest and skills.  BookTrail’s Expert Trio Review allows authors to build a name, recognition, and the possibility of being noticed by agents, publishers, and other industry influencers. We got all experts!  Kirkus, Foreword Clarion, and Blue Ink review services have proven to provide unbiased reviews for both self-published and traditionally published authors.

Importance of getting a professional book review:


1.) Professional book reviews are considered as the most steadfast if you aim for your book to be known. Book reviews also come from different sources like blogs, professional book reviews, vlogs, periodicals, etc.

2. ) Getting positive reviews allows readers to know that your book is worthy of their time.

3.) Instant Credibility.

4.) Possible increase in Book Sales.





Kirkus- for over 87 years, Kirkus has been an industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews and is known to build opportunity, name and recognition that could potentially help indie authors get noticed by agents, traditional publishers and other industry influencers. REVIEWED THE NATION'S TOP PUBLISHERS' BOOKS SINCE 1933

Coverage includes the big 5 houses, small presses, genre publishers & more



Foreword Review – For over 20 years, Foreword review bids exquisitely written, unbiased reviews of independently published and self-published books, providing these reviews for a readership of librarians, booksellers, and book lovers. Along with impeccable standing and bizarre reach, getting a Foreword book review gives indie authors and publishers more gist and buzz to support publicity campaigns.


BlueInk Review – A review service that is syndicated to most book distributor’s database. Reviews provided by Blueink are from professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in the subject matter. All provided by Blueink reviews are skillfully edited, ready for reprint and can be utilized as your marketing material.




  • Kirkus Review is about 250-300 words, their reviews includes summary giving readers a more context and concise unbiased opinion that can either be positive, negative, or most likely mixed.

  • Blueink Review provides a straightforward, objective review written by a professional book reviewer that will be between 250-300 words in length.

  • Foreword Clarion Review that provides 400-500 words powerful testimonial that summarizes the review in one sentence, a well written introduction of what the book is all about. A star rating that rates your book from 1-5 star

Timeframe: 9-10 weeks


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