Give your book a voice and let it be heard across the nation! In partnership with one of the highly in-demand names in the programs in radio like Modern Living, Christian Faith Radio, America Tonight, The Kate Delaney Show and the Culture News. BookTrail Agency offers you an ad-free interview segment all for yourself. Hosted by renowned personalities in the multimedia field, this is your chance to reach a much wider scope of audience. 



Break the barriers of distance! Since it's invention, television has proven itself to be the marketing tool that gives the widest reach. A first in the publishing industry, BookTrail now offers you that big break you and your book has been waiting for. Simulcasted by a leading TV-broadcasting network straight from the nation's capital, Washington D.C., your television interview would help you define your place in the book market. 



Earn the title of 'Award-Winning Author' and banner your pride to the world! Participating in competitions and award-giving bodies are the best ways to earn confidence for you and your book. Every win and each distinction added to your book is good as endorsements and certifications that your book is indeed worth the read! With BookTrail's wide array of affiliates, we can represent and guide you in various competitions fitting for your book. 



Showcase your masterpiece in the biggest and grandest celebrations in the publishing industry! As one of the most traditional ways to promote your work, book fairs make your book visible to the eyes of those who matter -book lovers, traditional publishers, book shop owners, library executives, literary agents, and even film producers. Display your book's fine work of art through BookTrail's varied choices of book exhibits held in the country and all over the world. 



Accomplish the experience of becoming a full-pledged author. Bring your favorite pen and turn your reader's blissful imaginative experience into physical appreciation. With BookTrail's collaboration with experienced organizers, we offer you the opportunity to rub elbows with your readers and supporters. 


Every Author’s dream after publishing is to see their book in a physical store or library. BookTrail’s dedicated team will make every possible effort for you and your book. With our Independent Bookstores lobbying and pitching, our team will continuously, month to month send proposals and sample copies of your book to Independent Bookstore near you and across the country.


Book Trail will guide you in every step to be successful in the traditional publishing route. From a perfect query letter, having great book reviews to selecting suitable literary agents whom we’re partnered with. We will closely monitor your book’s progress and make sure to maximize every opportunity there is for your book.

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