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Eric Gribble

Radio Interview

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About The Book

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Most Australians look at politicians with disdain, but they continue to expect the government to solve their problems.

Concerns include a social breakdown, an approaching climate calamity, loss of genetic diversity, world overpopulation, economic stagnation, and a loss of manufacturing jobs.

Who Are We
Above the Clouds

About the Author

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Eric Gribble has a broad interest in economics, horticulture, and astronomy. He has owned and operated small horticultural businesses in New Zealand and Australia and taken an interest in Politics. He served as an electorate secretary for a small political party in New Zealand. He has diversified life experiences in New Zealand and Australia. Due to tragic personal loss during his life he has become very aware that we all have a relatively short existence. The Question we all must ask is “what is the purpose of it all”. Eric’s belief is that we all contribute is a very small way to the steady advancement of humanity, that is our legacy. That legacy becomes less obvious if society does not appear to be advancing. This is why he anticipates that his book demonstrates to people that there is a future, that the current crisis that humanity is going through is totally solvable.

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